The Great Graphic Novel Adventure!
A Few Steps Closer!!

I’ve definitely used this weekend to its full potential! Well, perhaps not totally full, but at least much more than I would have normally done, ha ha! I had a few free days so I managed to wrap up editing my script and I sent it off to a friend to read! I really hope he sees some potential in it at the very least. Once I hear back from him, I’ll know what else to edit and what else to leave, but for the most part I’d say the story is done!

What’s great about that is now I can finally focus on the art aspects of this graphic novel! I managed to create my first coloured piece for it over the weekend and was happy with the result. I also managed to get some character designs out of the way and I also decided on the dimensions for the final book! It was hard, but I feel like 6x9 is a good choice. It works well with a lot of pages and you can see much more of the art with such a size, but it’s also not too big.

I’ve also begun working on a logo design! I’m pretty sure that I have the design I want, but I need to figure out how to implement colours into it. I’ll probably just sit down at some point this week and work it out, because once I have my logo figure out, it’ll be easier to brand everything! (Also cool that I’ll be able to put the logo on official artwork.)

Once that’s all worked out I think I’m going to start working on scenery. It’s definitely a weak point for me, but I feel if I just concentrate I’ll be able to get something I like out of it. It’s the reason I chose this story as my first graphic novel, because it takes place in such a small village, the buildings and scenery won’t be too difficult but it’ll still push me and challenge me to do it right. It’ll help with future stories for sure!

I’m getting ahead of myself I think, but once all that’s complete, I’ll start working on pages and once I get about a chapter worth of pages complete, I’ll release the story as a webcomic for everybody to see! I hope it will be well received!

That’s all for now I think, and probably won’t be anymore updates until something significant happens.

Until then!

So, I finally did it!

I’ve finally managed to completely write out the first version of my script!! There’s a small end bit in the epilogue that I need to work out, but it’ll be easier once I’ve gone through and edited the script that I have! This is really exciting and definitely a landmark for me! This is the first script I’ve ever completed and I actually like it!

So, that’s one big goal met on this graphic novel adventure of mine! Now to use this upcoming free weekend to get my editing done! If all goes well, I’ll have a copy to give to my proof reader on Monday and once she gets back to me, I’ll see what kind of changes should be made! It’s getting really exciting especially because I’ll finally be able to start the work on the visuals, which is my fave part!

Anyway, here’s to completing script version 1, and now straight on to version 2!

Until next time!


Its been a while since my last update but I suppose that’s okay considering nothing significantly different has happened during this adventure of mine. I’ve been working off and on trying hard to pace out my story properly and I’ve been having some trouble here and there. With some advice though I’ve managed to get the inspiration I need to keep picking away at it and today I’ve finally accomplished the pacing that I’ve been wanting!

Needless to say, it’s fairly exciting but there is still tons of work to do! Now that I have my plan solidified it’s time to finish writing the script for real! Next time I post here I’ll be sure that it’s about my finishing of script version 1!!

Until next time!

Script Tetris

So after taking a bit of a break on writing, I’ve finally opened up the text file again today and now I’m even more confused on what to do with it. I’m shifting so many things around and now I’m not so sure if I should have just continued writing like it had been or if these changes will make it better? I guess it’s hard to say, but I’m sure whatever is meant to come out of my brain will come!

Now it’s just a matter of figuring out how to incorporate these changes into the dialogue I already have written and see if I can make it work. Looks like I’ll be working on this story/script for the next month still before I pass it onto my proof reader. It’ll be worth it though, because I’d much rather work hard on a story I’m satisfied with and then start artwork then just rush to the artwork. I just need to keep motivated, which has always been a challenge for me to simply stick to working on one thing for more than a few months, but here’s hoping I persevere!

Here’s to more writing, and possibly getting my story sorted out by sometime next week!

Until next time!

The Drive of Writing

So I just finished chapter six and the story just kind of took a natural turn on its own that I hadn’t even planned, and now I’m not so sure where to go with it. I could force it back to how I had it planned, or I could try and work with this new turn. I’m also not sure if this turn is too much at this point in the story, but then again, the whole thing only clocks in at 10 chapters anyway, so it’s pretty fast pace. Decisions, decisions…

Still, despite how busy things are, I’m still making progress on my script everyday. Some days it’s more than others, but every writing session counts and now, I only have four more chapters left to write before going over it one more time, smoothing some stuff out and giving it to my proof-reader.

It’s exciting because once I know I have a decent story, I won’t hesitate with the art anymore. Whenever I can’t write anymore, I’ve been doodling and designing things that need to get done, but I feel like I shouldn’t be doing that when I don’t even know if my story works yet or not, so then I have to force myself to write again. Soon though drawing hand, soon you’ll get your chance to pump out some pages!

I want to share some more tidbits about the art aspect and things I’ve been working on besides writing, but I think it’s best if I just keep to writing about my script and that way, I’ll have more inspiration to finish it faster! Onwards to chapter seven! Let’s see where the story takes me! (I think it’s almost time for another re-read as well…)

Until next time!

Oh, fast mail.

I must now face the biggest challenge I think my graphic novel adventure will throw at me. I received my copy of “Tales of Graces F”, a game that I have been waiting for, for nearly three years now. I was hoping to get my script done before I got it, but the mail was quite fast this time around so now I have this copy of my game just staring at me in the face. Now I need to figure out how I’m going to balance writing and gaming for the next few weeks, because I know this game is going to consume me.

Oh well, challenge accepted I suppose. On the bright side I keep getting more and more pumped over this script so that will at least give me incentive to write it and who knows? Maybe ToGF will give me inspiration for even better ideas to incorporate into my story. Either way, good things all around!

The script writing journey continues!

Until next time!

The Halfway Mark!

Today I managed to complete up to chapter five in writing my script! Even if I have everything planned out there are still so many things to work on, but I’m managing! However, I think since I’m at my halfway mark and I’m about to write my favourite chapter that I have planned, I’m going to take the time tonight to go over the first half and edit that before I get into writing the second half!

Plus, I need to get my script into a better format so that I can get somebody to read it once it’s done. Sadly this isn’t just my personal notes, so I actually have to make the margin notes make sense for somebody else to get the emotion and expressions that go behind the dialogue. So I think tonight I’ll roast some vegetables, pop on my fave RPG soundtrack and get to editing! Then tomorrow I can pick up writing again and keep going until I finish and then edit the second half like the first!

Once that’s done, it’s off to the person I’ve picked to proof read and point out the flaws or mistakes I should change around to get the best story possible! I must say though, after writing that list out here, I can actually see an end to this script writing process! It’s very exciting!

In other news, I’m starting a few sketches of locations and buildings and also practicing to draw the characters! Slowly but surely I’m getting a neat bundle of things together to work off of. I also think I might do an ink test tonight to start figuring out the look of the pages, probably if I can’t bring myself to edit anymore, ha ha.

Anyway, that’s it for now! Until next time!